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Limarí Valley


Viña Tamaya located in Limarí Valley is a unique and privileged land. Blessed with an exceptional climate in a land of virgin soils free from contamination, it is strategically located in the foothills of the majestic Andes Mountains. There, Viña Tamaya has succeeded in achieving a perfect equilibrium between the combination of its varietal grapes and the character of its land.


It is this extraordinary balance of especially privileged characteristics which bestows unparalleled quality upon each of the varieties of our grapes which are then carefully harvested by hand. This is our secret of how we bring to life the very finest, most innovative wines produced in the North of Chile. 

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Bottle of wine, tamaya estate sauvignong blanc winery

Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting notes


Very pale yellow with brilliant slight green shades, this refreshing wine expresses herbal notes above broom flowers and box. The fruit is ripe but vibrant, with green apples, green pears and grapefruit, hints of green chilis and more exotic touches such as passion fruit.
The mouth begins sharp and fresh and then develops a good volume with an excellent richness for the grape. The mineral column gives the structure, helped buy a vibrant and juicy acidity but the wine is also all about fruitiness and preserves the complexity above nerves and austere greenness. The finish is made of flowers, white and exotic fruits enhanced by mineral accents.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya estate cabernet sauvignon winery

Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting notes


Wrapped in a brillianl and lively ruby garnet, this cabernet offers an attractive nose of fresh red fruits such as wild strawberries, cherries and currants.Dried herbs and stony noles appear melted with !ouches of humus and red  peppers

The mouth presents a medium body armed by a fresh slructure of small and lively lannins and filled with a juicy lexlure.The balanced and crucial acidity also gives freshness lo a lense finish where !he wild fruits are underlined by mineral  hinls.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya estate carmenerewinery

Estate Carmenere

Tasting notes


Introduced by a dense and deep purple garnet, this wine expresses a spicy nose of ripe fruits: Plums, blackberries and grilled red peppers . Smooth black repper is then melted with a slight organic note above a background of wet and earthy notes. The palate adopts a spherica profile without never loosing depth. In this case, the juicy texture, smooth small and spicy tannins and fresh acidity join forces to create a precise and integrated structure giving a great balance. The finish is fresh, aromatic and spicy.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya reserva chardonnay winery

Reserva Chardonnay

Tasting notes


A brilliant and pure pale gold yellow introduces an expressive but elegant nose of sheer chardonnay personality: ripe apples, white flowers, citrus like lemons and fine tangerines enhanced by touches of butter, honey, hazelnuts and fine spices coming from the most elegant French oak aging. Fresh and complex, such as the nose, the palate shows a juicy body and a lot of precision. The balance is all about structure and overwhelming texture with a crucial acidity in between that seems to give wings to the natural concentration. The rich, long and vibrant finish is made of white fruits such as pears and apples with dried fruits and a mineral, aniseed touch, well completed by subtle fine spices.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya reserva carmenere winery

Reserva Carmenere

Tasting notes


Deep and brilliant ruby garnet. The expressive and elegant nose shows wild fruits and spices such as small red plums, berries, pepper and dried herbs. Slight toasts, subtle vanilla and oriental spices rise above a red pepper and licorice background.
The mouth presents roundness and nerves at the same time, giving life to a juicy texture, backed up by small velvety tannins. The freshness enhances the balanced ripeness of the fruit and leads until a spicy finish, made of grilled red peppers, wild plums with elegant mineral hints of stony earth.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya reserva malbec cabernet sauvignon syrah blend  winery

Reserva Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah

Tasting notes


Dense, deep purplish11arnet in color, with a very expressive nose that features ripe and jammy wild berries, redcurrants, strawberries and plums. Meaty tones add personality to a background made of dried leaves, spicy flowers and wet underbrush. Mineral and balsamic notes underline the overall view.

The palate starts recreating the nose atmosphere through a juicy, fresh and smooth texture. The spicy frame of fine tannins brings deepness and relieves, and leads to a lively and very expressive finish lull of wild berries, flowers, spices and incenses  hints.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya winemaker's gran reserva chardonnay winery

Winemaker's Gran Reserva Chardonnay

Tasting notes


Dressed with a pale gold yellow, dense and brilliant, the 2010 version of this chardonnay is maybe the most elegant and balanced of all. The vintage gave a great chardonnay identity, made of ripe apples, white peaches and pears, soft lemon and tangerines. Subtle honey hints wrapped in white flowers such as acacia with noble touches of fine spices, bread crust, cream and smoke.
The palate is dazzling all the way thanks to minerality and crucial soft acidity. Well structured, the texture expresses a great balance, offering its charms as well as its rigorous elegance. The aromatic complexity is just beginning its life, and the bright and long finish gives already its young fruit with hazelnut and honey with floral hints.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya winemaker's gran reserva cremenere

Winemaker's Gran Reseva Carmenere

Tasting notes


Deep and intense, this wine shows a brilliant purple and introduce itself with a fresh and characteristic nose of the grape. Small wild berries, plums, blackberries, dried tomatoes and roasted red peppers. The rising complexity also gives wet earth and stones, graffito, fresh liquorice black pepper and smooth spices.
The mouth initiates with juicy sensations and all the freshness of the fruit expression. Well surrounded by small and fine tannins helping in increasing density, the texture gets intensity and slowly leads to a smooth and vibrant finish of impressive length made of spices, underbrush and wild berries enhanced by mineral hints, liquorice and tobacco.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya T chardonnay winery

T Chardonnay

Tasting notes


A deep and dazzling gold yellow announces an elegant nose where citruses first appear with lime. Then come white fruits such as pears and golden apples with tangerine zests and green olive hints with a subtle and slightly smoky touch of English cream and vanilla. All this complex and also floral fan is enhanced by a lot of freshness and mineral chalk accents.
The mouth starts immediately with a sensation of vibrant unctuosity. A lot of volume but no overweight at all thanks to its mineral and fresh structure.The density of the flesh, also revealed by its barrel aging is here unlighted by the nature of its soils and climat.
The finish is long, tensed and powerful, expressing white fruits and white flowers with touches of honey and spicy fresh hazelnuts backed up by the mineral influences.










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Bottle of wine, tamaya T carmenere winery

T Carmenere

Tasting notes


Dense and deep purple, the T Carménère shows a great precision and elegance: touches of bread crust, cedar, sweet spices and soft licorice. More important however, the fruit is bright and fresh with cranberries, blackberries, cherries and plums. The background is quite mineral, displaying stony notes and brings depth to the typical notes of jammy red peppers, dry tomatoes and pink pepper.
The mouth expresses at first a velvety voluptuousness thanks to silky and totally integrated tannins. This very designed frame structures a dense and juicy texture that carries all the aromatic complexity. The finish faithfully goes on and on, bright and lively, with ripe and spicy fruits, mineral notes and dried herbs.










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