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Incentive Trip Portugal

Distributors and buyers from Indiana, North Carolina and Vermont traveled to Portugal at the end of June to visit wineries in the Vinho Verde, Dao and Douro regions. Prior to the start of the trip, Andrew Miller was invited to the Confradia do Oporto induction ceremony to watch Oscar Quevedo become a member of this very prestigious institution with the Portuguese wine industry. Shelly Granger, from Tryon Distributing, attended as well and a great time was had by all. After spending a day in Oporto to enjoy the city, the group traveled to vinho verde producer Quintas de Melgaco and took a surprise trip over the bridge to Spain for dinner. The next day the group experienced the amazing Douro family and barrel tasting of Quevedo’s special reserve ports. The group finished in the Dao to visit Quintas Fontes da Cunha, where they enjoyed an amazing meal with the entire Fontes da Cunha family. A great group, great time and great fun had by all!

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